Paint Smart!

Photo Credit:  Antoine Bootz  (Southern Accents)

I’m constantly asked to give paint consultations, and I always find it so interesting because the requests, responses, and stories are always so similar…

Whether people are starting with an empty space or they’re looking to re-do a particular space, this is typically the area in which they think they can make their difference or statement.  As a result, people either lean towards going bold or in a direction that’s so completely different from where they were previously.

Of course, the recommended color direction all depends on what the client’s overall objective is with respect to a space’s design scheme and it’s also contingent upon what the designer is working with in terms of existing furniture, accessories, and lighting…What I continue to stress, however, is that paint is just one element of the recipe when executing a design for a given space.

I use this image as an example of selecting a neutral paint color for a room.  Sometimes the initial idea or recommendation of something so neutral is considered boring, safe, or even dull.  Here, however, the sand paint color allows all of the other elements of the space to pop and stand out…the rug, the different furniture finishes, the frames, and even the chandelier!  The room also has color incorporated into it from the lamps, the flowers, and the accessories (such as the books) placed throughout.

Whether starting from scratch or looking for a dramatic change, paint smart!


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