Get Creative With Your Purchases!


I came across this really fabulous 20th Century Indian bed, and it made me think about the way in which people look at furniture…People are so accustomed to looking at something for what it is, and they have a hard time thinking of how to use it for a different purpose…

I encourage you to get creative with your purchases!  It not only shows your ability to think outside of the box, but it allows for pieces to take on different uses and personalities within a space!  This  Indian bed has so much character and uniqueness…the tightly woven rope and legs with fantastic detail allow this piece to not only serve as functional seating, but I would definitely use this as a coffee table in a project…A fabulous tray could be displayed on top, which would make this perfect for usable surface space!

 Surround yourself with pieces and things that you love…Instead of looking for a particular piece that serves one purpose, look at furniture that draws you in and think of the endless possibilities as to how you could use it!


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