Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping porches date back nearly a hundred years when people would sleep on a screened-in porch to get the coolness of the night air during summer without being bothered by bugs.

I designed this particular modernized sleeping porch in a Washington, DC residence with the intention of maximizing functionality yet also allowing for versatility.  Space can always become an issue in the city, so I opted for an iron daybed.  This allows for the space to breathe and not feel overcrowded, but also it allows for multi-purpose comfort.  One could relax on the daybed with a good book…an accent table is placed for varied use but can also be easily moved if additional sleeping space is needed…yes, the daybed also has a trundle!

This space gets a great deal of light, so I really played that up by painting the walls, ceiling, and floors in white…It creates the most fantastic glow!  With the shutters that really add texture to this porch and an additional medium to the space, one can have privacy in seconds!

This space was definitely not designed for a princess, but I can confidently say that this sleeping porch is one sleeping beauty…


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