Designs That Inspire

Photo Credit:  Roger Davies (Elle Decor / September 2009)

Mark Badgley and James Mischka shared their Kentucky horse farm in the September issue of Elle Decor.  The spaces themselves caught my attention because I was drawn to the simplicity of the design, but also the high contrast and texture.  I love the softness of the leather that dominates the image, the subtle touch of the greenery on the cocktail table and floral arrangement on the mantel, and then you get the fantastic texture of the logs in the fireplace and the wool sisal rug that balance out the rest.

I liked this shot of their living room because I think it reflects some wonderful elements of design that immediately caught my attention.  There’s obviously a certain simplicity…Some may consider it boring, but what I think it says is that what’s there is there for a purpose…It’s also extremely practical and durable…Leather-covered sofas and leather-covered wing chairs (in the background) and a semi-rustic cocktail table which was actually a dining table at one point, but they cut the legs down to use it in this space for this purpose…LOVE IT!  Taking furniture and thinking outside the box for how it can work for your desired purpose is always fantastic!

I think it’s also important to note that while these homeowners don’t necessarily need to be on a budget, the purchases involved in this space are smart purchases.  The sofas and wing chairs are all from Restoration Hardware, and the wool sisal rug that covers the majority of the space is typically a reasonable expense when it comes to the cost of area rugs.  There’s potentially more money in the accessories than the furniture in this space, but those are the elements that are the keepsakes to the homeowners and really mean something special.

Finally, the space breathes!  If you have a cocktail table that serves the purpose of accommodating those who are sitting around it, it isn’t always necessary to have end tables all over the place.  The openness allows for additional seating to be pulled up, if necessary, when entertaining.

For me, this is a design that inspires…Very well done, Badgley Mischka!


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