House Beautiful’s Kitchen Of The Year

Photo Credit:  Julian Wass

Back in May, I made a blog entry entitled “One More Reason to Love Her.”  In that entry, I shared with you the home of Ina Garten, and how much I love what she had done with her home with interior designer Robert Stilin!

Recently, House Beautiful selected her kitchen as the 2009 Kitchen of the Year, and re-created her space in Rockefeller Plaza.  You can take an online tour of the space on House Beautiful’s website!

This is a really wonderful video to watch…Not only do you get to see this absolutely gorgeous space, but it’s an extremely informative video if you’re ever considering a kitchen renovation or wondering about the importance of the kitchen space when purchasing a new home.

Make sure you get to the end of the video as well…Ina makes a comment about the connection / relationship between recipes and design…I’ve used the same comparison in a previous blog, and I’ve made this comparison to clients for years…

Beautiful space, Ina, and as always, a wonderful presentation…I said it before and I’ll say it again…This video is just One More Reason to Love Her…


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