Floors Gone Wild!


Floor paint is a really fantastic way of making a dramatic statement within a particular space.  It can not only impact the overall feel of a room, but it’s wonderful in that when used appropriately, it can add one more element / dimension to the design direction of one’s home!

Farrow & Ball offers a gorgeous floor paint product.  It’s an oil-based paint, which means that it has greater durability for daily use, but with only a 40% sheen level, it dries as an eggshell finish…The result?!  A classic and clean look with a matte-type finish that screams elegance and tastefulness.

With their wide variety of colors, you can really transform a space!  If a whole house or entire floor makes you nervous, consider it for a bathroom or sunroom or even an office space…I can guarantee you that the finished product is quite dynamic!


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