Stay True To The Architecture

Photo Credit:  Gregg Segal (Dwell Magazine:  April / May 04)

Many times, people are influenced by what they see during their travels…sometimes at a hotel or at another person’s home…and many times, they are influenced so much that they come home and start to incorporate elements that they were attracted to during their stay.

This can become very tricky when it comes to good design, and often, this is what can throw a person “off” when it comes to incorporating new elements into the space.  Each decision impacts the next…Designing a home is like putting a puzzle together, and if one piece doesn’t fit, the puzzle will never be completed.

Two things I would like you to think about when this happens…1.  Is this new element truly a reflection of you?!  When you see that fuschia colored velvet sofa that looks so bold and inviting, is that you?!  A test…Look at what you wear…Do you wear clothes like that?!  If your closet is made up of neutrals and classics, I would venture to say that this isn’t the right design direction for you…2.  Are you staying true to the architecture of your home?!  People are often drawn to pieces or elements that don’t necessarily compliment the architecture of their environment…This is extremely important for flow, transition, and continuity.

So the next time you want to act on impulse, I encourage you to take a step back, breathe, and ask yourself, “Is this right for me, and is this right for my environment?”  Stay true to you, and stay true to the architecture…


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