The Breathability Factor

I call it the breathability factor…When designing a room or looking at a particular space, I’m always reminding clients that every area of the room does not need to be filled.  You have to lets spaces breathe in order to not complicate them.  When they do, people are able to digest and take in the overall environment and aesthetic.

William Sonoma Home’s Mia chair is a perfect example of functional furniture with just the right scale.  It allows one to add additional seating and purpose to a space without overcrowding it.  With English arms, ebony stained legs, and nailhead options, this chair has character and originality that will surely add a new element to any room.  I love William Sonoma Home’s fabric options because I think they allow one to personalize a piece.

When researching furniture for a particular space, please make sure to really look at the dimensions…If you don’t know how it’s going to look in your room, use painter’s tape on the floor and map it out…Walk around it…Does it feel comfortable?  Does the piece and room breathe?  If it does, you’ve found your match!


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