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Dear Paul,

I was wondering what you thought about accent walls?  We are getting ready to do a “big boy” room for my almost 3 year old and I was thinking of doing an accent wall rather than painting the whole room one color.  The current color of the room is your classic beige (Carrington Beige from Benjamin Moore) color that I really like so wanted to just add a little splash of color on one wall (the smaller wall) and then with the bedding/linens.



Savannah, GA


Dear Katie,

This is a really great question…I get asked this by clients’ and friends all the time.

For me personally, I’m not a big fan of “accent” walls.  I don’t particularly like the break in color, and feel that there are other ways in which you can incorporate accents and color into your space.

With that said, if you really wanted to paint one particular wall in a accent color, I would encourage you to do it either a few shades darker or lighter than Carrington Beige (I love that color from Benjamin Moore…I’ve used it many times!).  You might even want to consider chocolate brown as the accent.  The reason that I am suggesting that is this:  The walls should have some sort of continuity with the rest of your home.  You want to see the transition take place from space to space so that there’s a flow with respect to the architectural elements…this is extremely important!

I’m also constantly faced with the question / idea of “blue” and “pink” rooms for children…While I’m in complete agreement that you need to be aware of the client / child’s age, I think that there are also ways in which you can interject these colors but in a more tasteful way.  I like to create spaces that stand the test of time, and don’t necessarily have to be re-done every 4-5 years.

Therefore, I would encourage you to do the following:  I would either leave the walls “as is,” or I would recommend that you paint the one accent wall in a neutral, but dramatic color.  I would then suggest that the linens, bedding, and window treatments (if applicable) be the areas in which you bring in the accent color.  Think of combinations (both color and pattern) that are masculine or could be made masculine…Brown / beige walls with shades of blue or brown / beige walls with shades of green?  Fabric with stripes?

These are ways in which you can create a space that’s comfortable and pleasing for your son, but also more along the lines of the design you have throughout your home…stay focused on continuity and transition.

Good luck!



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