…and the AFTER! (To Domino…With Love)

Living Room

On Thursday, I shared with you the “before” shot of a two-bedroom condominium in Washington, DC…the space was in major need of a makeover.  Today, I’m pleased to share with you the “after,” which is a much better reflection of this client’s fresh, sophisticated, and eclectic taste.

I recommended a soft, neutral color for the walls that plays well of of the architectural elements carried throughout the home.  I also advised the client to paint the window trim in the same white as the crown molding throughout.  While original, the wood needed a fresh update, and also needed to allow us to create an environment with a non-competing backdrop.

I replaced the ceiling fan with a lantern for visual interest and functionality, but also for a dramatic punch.  The upholstered furniture is a mix of pieces, covered in linens and velvets, that marry beautifully together…They don’t look like they’re from one particular collection or store, but show personality and character in the most complimentary of ways.  I added a Turkish Oushak rug with the most perfect amount of color…the understated tones of a robin’s egg blue, butterscotch, and persimmon bring that color that the space needs in, but in a sophisticated and soft manner.

The client had all of the artwork and it was in these frames (which I love!), but the pictures were scattered throughout the condominium.  I came up with a combination that not only works together, but adds weight and a focal point to that wall.

I took the requests that this particular client had, and I delivered.  She had a very realistic and affordable budget, and we completely transformed this living room space.  What is very important to note (and I applaud the client for this) is that she made requests and she gave her input throughout the entire process, but most importantly, she listened.  As a result, she got exactly what she wanted…a space that has charm, warmth, and plenty of seating for entertaining, yet still has the ability to not feel crowded or overwhelming.

Now, this room completely reflects her fantastic personality and taste, and meets all of her needs.  For a woman who saved “page after page” of Domino pictures, I can confidently say that Domino would be very proud…I know that I am.


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