The Before…

LR - before photo 1

Last year, I met a client who had recently moved into a two-bedroom condominium in the Adams Morgan area.  She contacted me to inquire about a paint consultation.  At the time, that was her one and only true focus. 

When we met, we not only discussed paint colors for her condominium, but we connected…and so the designer / client relationship began!

Today I share with you the living room…(BEFORE)…I will tell you that the picture does not do this condo’s. architecture justice in the least.  The ceilings are probably ten feet tall approximately, and the old building detail is phenomenal throughout the entire space.   

While this picture was taken at night, the space lacked light in many respects.  The furniture, while functional, is not the right scale for the room and the combination was not only dreary, but didn’t truly reflect the client’s personality at all. 

The client, a huge Domino magazine fan, had created a “look book” of images that inspired her and made her feel happy and calm.  Look Book’s are fantastic, as I mentioned to the client, in that they give the designer an idea of not only what the client likes but also what the client’s understanding of “color” or “traditional,” “modern,” or “eclectic” means.  It’s not used to replicate a look, but to open the line of communication and understanding…as a result, the process moves quicker and more efficiently, and the end product is always better.

She wanted a space that was inviting, comfortable, and more reflective of her personality…a space that included an eclectic mix of pieces…something enveloping and with charm, yet appropriate for entertaining. 

On Monday, I will share with you the “After”…


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