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Photo Credit:  Victoria Pearson (House Beautiful, July 2008)

Dear Paul,

I have a quick question…what is the rule about door handles from the hallway?  Two bedrooms facing each other…should the door levers be the same or can they be different depending on the type of lamps and finishes in each bedroom?

Thank you!


Washington, DC


Dear Vicki,

It’s most important that there be a consistency in the door handles themselves throughout your home.  If they do vary, they should be complimentary.  A nickel level across from a brass lever, however, is not the way to go (if that’s what you’re asking).

The fixtures and finishes within those rooms don’t have to be the same as the hardware as well!  I actually prefer to mix finishes within spaces.  I think it allows the space to embrace more character and personality.  The key is that they marry well together.

I hope that helps!



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