Just Say Flow!


I’ve previously talked about good design, and the importance of transitioning from space to space.  This should not only exist on the decorating side, but should also be carried through the architectural elements selected and incorporated into your home.

Bathrooms and kitchens are areas in which you need to make some of your most important decisions.  Materials should be selected that are consistent with one another, but also complimentary to the surrounding design scheme.  These are also areas where you should consider being more neutral or conservative in your decisions as these are spaces that buyers (should you decide to sell) are least interested in improving / renovating.

Should you decide to make changes to these structural spaces, think about the big picture…How long do you plan on staying in this space?  What’s an appropriate budget?  What aesthetic will be most consistent with the architecture of the home, and complimentary with the design scheme? 

Once you feel that you have a relatively good understanding of your answers to these questions and what you’re looking to accomplish, I encourage you to remember one basic thought…Just Say Flow!


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