What Is Your Budget?

Photo Credit:  Tim Street-Porter

Architect Douglas Larson renovated this 19th-Century farmhouse in upstate New York.  I came across this image on Metropolitan Home‘s website, and thought that it was a wonderful example of what makes up a room / space.

When considering working with a designer or taking on a project, one of the most important questions to consider is “What is your budget?”  I was drawn to this particular image because of its simplicity.  Many times, people look at images of what they “like” or what they “want,” but they may not necessarily think about all that is involved or required to actually make it happen.

I always tell clients to think of it like a recipe.  Sometimes the recipe is simple, and other times it’s complicated…but all recipes consist of a series of ingredients…and whether that list of ingredients is short or long, it’s what makes up the recipe and finished product.

When looking at this image and what is in this particular living room, make note of the following items (ingredients) that exist in this space:  sofa, pillows on sofa, floor lamp, area rug, cocktail table, occasional chair, bench, sconces, (2) sets of bookshelves, art / framing, and accessories.

If you’re considering a project and looking to other images for inspiration, think about this and make a list for yourself and / or your designer to help in formulating your own budget.  This will help you immensely as you’re going through the process!

On a design note, I love the juxtaposition here of the contemporary furniture in an old space, the white walls and floors, the neutral palette with a strong interjection of black, and most importantly, the silhouette above the fireplace…Absolutely beautiful, Douglas!


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