Invest Wisely


When living in the city, the amount of space that one might have may be limited.  As a result, it’s really important to think about the purchases that we make, and how we can make smart decisions that will accommodate all of our needs.

This gorgeous 19th-Century Queen Anne style drop leaf table is a wonderful example of a piece that could function in so many different ways for a homeowner.  It not only could function as a dining table, but also as a desk.  With a diameter of 51″, this table would not only comfortably seat six when entertaining, but there’s more than enough usable space for a working surface. 

Would you like another example?  The table itself could also be used as a console table in a hallway or on a small wall, and then could be pulled out for additional dining space.  You don’t have to necessarily have seating for six on hand 24/7…consider folding chairs that you keep tucked away until needed.

Think about how you’re going to use your space before furnishing it.  Do you need a dining table with seating for six in place seven days a week?  Once you determine that, “invest wisely” in the pieces that you select.  City-living requires smart purchases that are multi-functional.


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