It’s All About The Details

Photo Credit:  Jose Picayo

Accessories and finishing touches are always what make the difference in a particular space or on a specific piece of furniture.  This is also an opportunity to share one’s personality and display things that have been collected or that have sentimental value.

This is a fantastic example of a well-executed tablescape.  The picture appeared in House Beautiful, and comes from David Jimenez’s Kansas City home.

I like this particular example for several reasons:

*  the idea of leaning and layering art / photographs in a space adds texture and interest

*  the grouping of pairs or collections of particular items adds visual interest and impact when grouped in numbers

*  there’s an overall neutrality to the display, which essentially operates as the “backdrop”…the small orange boxes add that small (and understated) touch of color

*  the greenery adds something natural, organic, and living to the tablescape

*  when looking at the overall presentation, there’s a fantastic balance in the way items are displayed…size, height lines, weight…all positioned in such a way to create a feeling of calm…

Textural, subtle, and personal…It’s all about the details…


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