Dinner Party Plans?


It’s 4th of July Weekend here in Washington, which typically means the desire for quality time outside!

Nothing contributes to a  wonderful and warm atmosphere outside like candlelight…the heat, the glow, and the softness…all to help create that lovely evening outdoors.

Dinner party plans?  I really like Crate & Barrel’s Wicker Hurricane.  While slightly pricey for a host or hostess gift ($69.95), it might be the perfect fit for someone special in your life and appreciated so much more during this special holiday weekend!

The hurricane itself is such a fantastic size, and can be used on a dining table, side table, cocktail table, or even a tray!  I love the handwoven rattan…as you can tell, texture is one of my favorite elements to incorporate into any space.  

Withits warm, natural look, I’m also thrilled with this hurricane’s versatility…at any time, bring it inside and work it into your interior…the possibilities are endless!


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