The Before…


I wanted to share with you “The Before” of a client’s condominium space here in Washington, DC.

Obviously, there is only so much that you can tell from this particular image, but what I can share with you is the following:

*  The sofa and chair are covered in an attractive tobacco-colored leather, but with both pieces covered in the same color and material, they visually cover such a massive amount of surface space in the area.  They’re also somewhat large for this particular living room, so scale is key in selecting alternative pieces to adequately accomodate this room.

*  The cofee table is way too large.  While the useable space is wonderful to have, there’s only so much that’s needed, especially when you have side tables and an adjoining dining room / kitchen space. 

*  As I’ve said previously, window treatments are one of the best investments that you can make in your space.  They should stay true to the architecture of your home, and be not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. 

Very soon, I will share with you “The After” with a description of the elements that I changed and incorporated to improve this client’s home.  This client had a very reasonable (and realistic) budget, and as a result, the finished product is quite different, dramatic, and beautiful!

Stay tuned…”The After” is on its way…


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