Designs that Inspire

Photo Credit:  Thomas Loof

Last week, I shared a design that inspired me from a recent publication.  I promised you that I would share with you the other interior from the most recent House Beautiful magazine that not only caught my attention, but blew me away.

The interior of this Manhattan apartment was designed by New York-based Miles Redd.  I’ve followed Miles Redd’s work for years because I think he’s one of the great talents out there that uses lots of color, and uses it well.  He uses bold and energetic colors, but in sophisticated and elegant tones, applicatons, and combinations.  His aesthetic is very different from my own, but as a designer, I know and can appreciate a flawless eye when I see it.

Unfortunately, all of the images of this project are not currently on the House Beautiful website.  If you have the chance to go to a bookstore to see it, however, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  You have got to see the detail executed on the leather doors, the fantastic pattern carried throughout the floors, and there’s the most gorgeous image of a custom-painted wall with a console and two lamps!  Pay special attention to the combination of colors, and with yesterday’s post in mind, look at how flawless the transition is executed from space to space.

Miles, this is one design that truly inspired me…You’re a color-creative genius!


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