Dinner Party Plans?

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so I thought it was only appropriate that we consider a gift for Dad’s special day.  I’m not a “cook” myself, but I did run this by Steve, and he thought it would make a perfect gift this holiday weekend.

Williams-Sonoma’s Barbeque Spatula Tongs are wonderful because they combine the benefits of a spatula with a pair of tongs.  At $29.95, this fantastic tool is sure to make Dad happy.

Need to kick this gift up another notch?  Pair it up with Williams-Sonoma’s Cherry Wood Barbeque Board!

 This barbeque board can be used for prep work, carving, and presentation…With the tongs, the two make a sophisticated and elegant combination, and gift that Dad can use time and time again…And, of course, finish the presentation off with the “Paul Corrie stamp” of tying the two together with a chocolate ribbon!


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