Don’t Forget To Accessorize!

Photo Credit:  Bob Narod (Home & Design)

When starting with an empty space or “blank canvas,” accessories don’t take precedent…but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t important.

Once the appropriate floor plan has been determined and executed for your particular space, you have conquered your most significant battle.  You will find, however, that accessories allow the homeowner to interject his or her own personality into that area.

I’m not going to say that I haven’t accessorized areas previously with pieces that may not have necessarily had any meaning to a client or friend.  This, however, has typically been “filler.”  I always encourage clients to focus on accessorizing with things that they love or have sentimental value.  I’m also a huge fan of collections…I think there’s power in numbers.  It’s important to also note that similar to the “Mix & Match Frames,” accessories should work (to a certain degree) with the surrounding environment in which they are placed.

So, once the major pieces are in place, don’t forget to accessorize.  Similar to a recipe, a design is not complete until it has all of the ingredients…and as I tell all my clients, this is an opportunity for you to surround yourself with things that you love.


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