Designs that Inspire

Photo Credit:  Simon Watson

I cannot begin to describe to you how excited I get when I see designs that inspire in publications, and I’m a firm believer that compliments should be shared when compliments are deserved.

In the most recent issue of House Beautiful (July 2009), design legend Albert Hadley worked with a client who he had worked with 40 years ago.  She was downsizing, and so Mr. Hadley helped her decide which items she should keep.

I’m not only impressed by the ability to “recycle” so much furniture and make it appear in such a different light in this space, but I’m absolutely in love with the scale of the pieces selected and the overall use of space.  Two demilune tables were put together to create a “center table” in the room, and Mr. Hadley then created two different seating spaces…so different in appearance, yet so functional!  I constantly work in and see spaces similar to this in Washington.  Many times, small spaces require smarter thinking and better solutions.

As a “Modern Traditional” designer, I love the very traditional antiques and upholstery against the very clean, contemporary white floors, and the high contrast incorporated from floor paint to wood stain to the black lampshades!  The patina on the ottoman even “mirrors” the texture on the fireplace…

It’s not surprising that this space was executed by a design legend…Bravo, Mr. Hadley…this is a design that inspires!

Next week, I will share with you the other design that inspired me in the July 2008 House Beautiful…very unexpected…If you have a chance to pick up the issue, make your guess…


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