Mix & Match Frames


Photo Credit:  Bruce Buck

Some time ago, Traditional Home featured the home of Charles Spada, a Boston designer and antiques dealer.  I have always loved this project for several reasons:  the eclectic mix of pieces, the light and airy feel of the design, and the complimentary coloring that continues from furniture to accessories to the floor stain.

I thought this particular image was a wonderful example of how to mix and match frames.  Doing this will enable you to interject one more element of visual interest into your space.  Also, notice that all of the frames are in keeping with their surroundings…they “match” the wall, console, and bench coloring.  In the overall design of this particular project, they also represent the “old and new” elements and pieces that you will see carried throughout each room / environment.   The combination of modern and traditional frames also allows the designer / homeowner to add another textural element into the space.  As a result, the frame becomes almost as important as the art that it contains.

Beautifully done, Charles Spada…


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