Your Wish Is My Command

McLean Living Room

When starting with a completely empty space, a typical designer’s question to a client should be, “How do you envision using this room?”

In this particular case, the client that I was working with had undergone an extensive renovation, which included his selection of architectural details, paint colors, tile selection, and floor stain…all very well done…the only existing detail that I needed to work with was the rug purchased by the homeowner.

So when I asked the clients’ what they were envisioning for the room, they told me that they wanted:

*  it to be cozy and enveloping,

*  that they anticipated lots of fires in the fireplace,

*  that the room was to not only be optimal to them for that purpose, but that they wanted it to be conducive to entertaining and large gatherings,

*  and when there were holidays, they typically had lots of visiting family…and the family that visited typically enjoyed spending lots of time playing games.

Therefore, I gave them just that.  I selected fabrics that I felt not only worked with the existing paint colors, fireplace tile, and area rug, but fabrics that would lend themselves to be construed as “cozy and enveloping”…rich colors in darker tones, plush velvets and mohairs, and just the slightest touch of linen and pattern to give the other fabrics that subtle break.

I also selected a bench for a cocktail table…perfect for additional seating, and absolutely easy to move…The table to the left (against the wall) is actually an 18th-Century Georgian Metamorphic table…a definite find because the top expands and can become the most perfect game table!

McLean Game Table

I located this piece (and the two chairs on either side of it) from an antique dealer in San Francisco.  I immediately knew that it would be perfect in this client’s living room.  The table is not only wonderful in scale, but easy to move in front of the sofa for families’ to gather and play games.  The two side chairs can be pulled up for additional “game” seating, and the bench can be relocated in front of the fireplace for additional members to gather, and play or watch!

The end result?!  Thrilled clients’ and a very proud designer…So whether you’re working with a designer or taking on a space in your own home, I ask you to think about the very important question…”How do you envision using this room?”


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