Proper Proportion


There is no question that this 19th-Century scale is one gorgeous accessory, but this isn’t the kind of scale that I wanted to talk about today…

One of the qualities, in my opinion, that separates good designers from great designers is scale, and I reinforce this with my clients’ regularly.  Scale is important in the selection of pieces for any particular space, and should be a leading principle for good design…It affects a room’s balance, and dictates the overall feeling.

When clients’ look at an empty room, they may envision certain pieces that they would like to incorporate into that space, or have requests with respect to what they’d like to accomplish.  Having a designer draft a floorplan of the space will allow one to determine what will work and what won’t.  A designer who’s concerned about proper proportion, balance, and scale is a designer that can surely help a client achieve their dream more effectively.


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