Need Space? Get Organized!


Photo Credit:  Bob Narod

I’m constantly working with clients’ who are in need of space or need to make more efficient use of their spaces.  One area in which people can dramatically improve their storage and organization is through customized closets.

The above image is from my last condominium in Adams Morgan, which was featured in Washington Spaces magazine.  Steve and I lived in an 800 square foot condo. which required smart planning and efficient use of all spaces.  Steve designed our closet and worked with the Container Store to come up with a plan that fully maximized our needs…The closet held all of our clothes, our linens, a wireless home office, two additional dining chairs, and even Steve’s bike!

Elfa is a fantastic solution to any closet or pantry…and the designers at the Container Store are so knowledgable about the product that as long as you can take the rough measurements of the space, they can design an affordable system that will work fantastically well for you and meet your needs.  Need Space?  Get Organized!


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