Decorate Your Dining Table Like You Would A Room

Photo Credit:  Carlos Domenech

I came across this photo on Southern Accent’s website, and I think this is a really wonderful example of an excellent table setting.  Effective and dramatic table settings should not only take their environment into consideration, but they should be planned and executed almost like they are their own interior…When planning on decorating your table, think of your table as an empty room…

Take note of a few things in this image:

*  The flowers play so well off of the window treatments.

*  The small green arrangements tie in the lush greenery that most likely extends beyond the french doors, and this is also carried to the selection of plates and bowls used.

*  The natural element and textural relationship is so pronounced from the wicker dining chairs to the woven placemats, bamboo-handled silverware, and woven pots. 

If I were invited to this lovely home, this is one table that I would remember as fabulously executed and complimentary to its environment!


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