Mix & Match

Photo Credit:  William Waldron

I’m a huge fan of mixing pieces together and not putting together “sets” or one particular collection.  In dining rooms, I often like to put a dining table with a different set of chairs…I think that it creates more visual interest, and challenges guests to think creatively…and when executed well by a professional, it’s the sign of a good designer.

This particular shot comes from the June 2009 issue of Elle Decor.  It’s the dining room of Rita Norona Schrager’s Southampton Home.  I not only like the dining table and chair selection, but I would make note of a few other well-executed details in this shot:

*  The architectural details in the ceiling really give additional interest to the space.

*  The French cabinet is not only very functional and beautiful, but it’s the only visible piece of additional furniture in the space.  It’s a perfect example of how less is more, and that filling every area of wall space is never required or encouraged.  Allow furniture and spaces to breathe.

*  Take note of the high contrast from the floor stain to wall color to difference in table and chair color.  This effect creates a much more dramatic punch.

Rita worked with interior designer, Hernan Arriaga…very well executed, Hernan…this dining room is chic and eclectic, yet very relaxed…I love it!


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