One More Reason to Love Her…

Photo Credit: Simon Upton

She’s not only an absolute genius in the kitchen (my partner, Steve, adores her and has made almost every single one of her recipes!), but she built a stunning barn, and it was published in the November 2008 of House Beautiful magazine.

Six months later, I still come across these images and love them just as much as I did when I saw them the first time…the mixture / combination of textures, the antique and the modern, and most important, what I call the breathability factor.  Not every area and corner is filled, yet the spaces are completely functional and serve all purposes for the homeowner and everyday life.

Ina worked with interior designer, Robert Stilin.  She says that what she loves about working with him (beyond his great style) is that “when you ask him about something he says, ‘Well how do you use it?’  First the function, then figure out how to make it look good.”   THAT is a good designer…Great job, Ina and Robert…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


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