Instant Shot of Color or a Splash of Drama?

What’s a relatively inexpensive thing that you can do yourself to instantly perk up a space and give it life?!  Flowers…

Whether you prefer flowers with more bold colors or those of a softer, more neutral palette, flowers can instantly give a space personality.  Their texture and presence can warm up a room, but more importantly, I can guarantee you that they will warm up your heart.

Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers to display in a room.  They are so versatile, and have the ability to scream elgance or whisper relaxed.   White is my favorite, but you can get them in the most gorgeous shades of green, pink, blue or purple…

I found this beautiful arrangement at  Take a second to look at some of the other lovely arrangements displayed in this section on her site…I love the orchid arrangement and the pussy willow bouquet under the Winter Arrangement category…understated but very dramatic!


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